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Image, Sound, and Story Grades 3-10

Paige Grand Pré

Inspired by our commitment to raising the next generation of visual storytellers, the JBFC developed Image, Sound, and Story, a curriculum that prepares teachers to integrate viewing and creating media into their literacy instruction and classroom culture. In turn, students become creators, innovators, and shapers of narrative. Image, Sound, and Story has been implemented in 30 schools with 100 educators and thousands of students in Grades 3—10 in Westchester and the larger NY Metro area. It is grounded in 15 years of working with students and teachers at the JBFC’s Media Arts Lab and area schools.


Teachers' participation begins with two days of professional development, which provides them with new curricular content and skills. Educators leave inspired to bring new literacy strategies to their class and receive support throughout the school year for successful, customized integration. All of our curricular resources are available online through the JBFC's education platform: lesson plans, alignment with the Common Core, streaming media, handouts, and assessment rubrics.

During the summer of 2017, Image, Sound, and Story professional development was offered for educators in Grades 3—10, with the covered content to be implemented during the 2017—2018 school year. "Character," "Setting," and "Structure" professional development sessions were also available in summer 2017 for teachers who previously completed the "Image," "Sound," and "Story" professional development unit.

Eventually, the Image, Sound, and Story curriculum will expand to encompass Pre K through Grade 12. To learn more about this innovative media arts curriculum, visit our Image, Sound, and Story page HERE.

For more information on Image, Sound, and Story's educational objectives & outcomes, click HERE.