School Programs

School Partnerships Grades 5 — 12


School Partnerships are curriculum-based, resource-rich collaborations between classroom teachers and JBFC faculty. Our goal is always to teach visual and aural literacy through both “viewing and doing,” while making strong connections to academic content areas.

Students are challenged to think critically and express creatively. School partnerships consist of several components:

  • Curriculum design.
  • Technology and resource assessment.
  • Professional development.
  • Student visits to the JBFC Theater and Media Arts Lab.
  • On-site curricular and technical support.

School partnerships have been successful across grade levels and in many academic contexts, including:

  • Transforming a high school social studies research course into a multimedia digital storytelling project.
  • Teaching persuasive writing through the production of public service announcements.
  • Enhancing a personal narrative unit through writing and producing first-person digital stories.
  • Culminating a poetry unit through the creation of collaborative visual poems.
We encourage educators to think about multi-year partnerships and are eager to discuss how we can collaborate.