The Day after a Birthday.

Once upon a time, there was a little blue toad who woke up to find that he had, in fact, forgotten all about his own birthday! You see, he slept right through the whole thing. And he was absolutely devastated! His mom tried to cheer him up, so she baked him a pink and green cake. But it was no use. The little toad was so upset, he couldn't swallow a single bite. His dad tried to cheer up him up by giving him his birthday gift: a yellow toy truck. But the little toad was so sad, he didn't even rip off the wrapping paper. Everyone felt terrible that the little toad has slept through his birthday, especially the little toad. So grandma toad came over with her wise, wise words and said to the little blue toad: "The day after a birthday is just as special as the birthday itself! When people love you, they love you every day. And every day is a great gift." The little toad listened and eventually wiped off his tears. He realized that his grandma was right! Even the day after his birthday had been a fantastic one. He ran around his house hugging all of his family members and thanking them for their thoughtfulness. "It's love that makes special days, special." Said the little toad. "That's the best gift of all!"