What my parents have taught me

My parents are highly responsible for fostering my growth throughout my school years. Firstly, they taught me to be independent. In Pre-K, they allowed me to do all my work without help, as I requested. This would prove to be useful, as it taught me how to solve my own problems. However, this doesn’t mean I couldn’t ask for help. My father would frequently introduce me to new math topics and help me with homework. My mother grabbed my attention when she spoke about other nations and their history. Although this was developed at a young age, it helped me stay interested in classes as I grew older. Moreover, my parents are always supportive of me, my accomplishments, and my decisions. My parents also taught me how to socialize by introducing me to friends when we would go outside. Furthermore, my parents helped me develop into an independent student by capturing my interests and allowing me to explore them independently while still retaining options for health.