ED 754 Assignment 3

The setting of this video takes place on a school yard basketball court. There are a team of five 10 year old girls who are not taken seriously as athletes. They have challenged the 10 year old boys in a game of basketball. When the music starts, the scene begins where the girls are getting ready to start their game. They are lacing up their white sneakers, putting on their hot pink sweatbands, and sliding on their lime green basketball jerseys. The music keeps playing while the girls stretch out on the grass, jump around, and loosen their muscles. The game begins. A crowd of other 10 year old boys and girls gather on the other side of the fence, screaming and cheering. The boys begin by playing “dirty” by pushing and tripping the girls, but the girls use their talent and skills to dominate the game! This leaves the boys sweating and panting at the end, with the girls winning!