An 80's Party

When I listened to this song, the first thing I thought of was the 1980's Retro era. I think this song will be perfect for an 80's themed party. The music video will start by showing clips of groups of young adults getting ready for an 80's themed party at a local club venue. The audience will see ladies with bright neon colored leggings, colorful leg warmers, converse sneakers on their feet and big sweaters hanging of the side of their shoulders. They will be wearing big gold earrings, glasses with no glass in them, and wild hair. The guys will be dressed in different color Adidas jumpsuits, black and white Adidas sneakers and colorful glasses frames. As the video continues, everyone will be making their way to the club venue by walking through the NYC streets, taking taxis and driving their own cars while the song is playing in the background. When they arrive at the club venue, there will be neon bright spotlights, tons of people breakdancing and people carrying huge boom boxes. Towards the end of the song, SugarHill Gang will come out and everyone will start doing the infamous "Jump on It" dance. At the end of the song, the camera will zoom away from the inside the club venue into the midnight sky.