Da Bongos!

Open with a man playing the Bongo's in a large theater, which quickly changes as the curtains reveal men playing the trumpets and even a keyboardist using the 'Organ' (big old timey piano). Huge ferns adorn the stage, as it quickly transitions into shots of a man on the beaches of Southern France as he chases after a rabbit that had stolen his grape (I know its weird, but its meant to be... like Wes Anderson!). Suddenly the man begins surfing to catch the rabbit who is also surfing, but a whale launches him and the rabbit into the air before cutting before they wash up on the beach in the next cut. Cut back to Bongo Man at the stage for a few moments before cutting back to the man chasing the rabbit and 400 other rabbits chasing him through what now through what seems to be a church, ends in a massive slow-mo battle between the man and the rabbits. Where's my oscar?