VNDN- Sound No. 17

"A picture is worth a thousand words." Many may know that this is true, for images, real visual excerpts of our lives can portray many things that words cannot. While a picture is worth a thousand words, music is worth a thousand pictures. The media played within this VNDN is entitled "apache," meaning a parisian gangster or ruffian. To best portray the composer's purpose within a digital story, meaningful videos would show an extracted piece of an "apache's" adventures. If it were to be shown with myself as the director, the main apache would be dressed in complete black, with leather jacket and combat boots, but there's a twist- this apache is feminine, with deep blue electric eyes, and wild black hair. This apache will be portrayed as ruthless, therefore alone, and dashing within the dark alleyways of Paris, during the dead of night. The apache appears to be simply enjoying her ruthless self, climbing up brick walled apartments with her bare hands, jumping onto trains, and swinging across electric wires, causing many to snap and break, bringing a wild blue shower of sparks into the night. Although this apache is alone at first, transitions will be placed to emphasize the experiences of other apaches, all of them alone at first, all of them a sheer look of determination spread across their faces. Then, a wide shot will be shown, a group of apaches sprinting toward a very tall, translucent, glass office building. One of the group of apaches, the initial one that had been viewed, feminine, whistles loudly to the building looking up. Suddenly, a rope ladder descends down the building, and all at once, the apaches scale their ways up the ladder. Once they are standing upon the bare top of the building when the song ends, and the bleak orange coloring of sunrise fills the sky.