Three Best Friends

Three girl friends - Y, W and S - grew up in the same Southern California town. Their families shared many similar characteristics: working class people chasing the American dream, living in the suburbs and raising their children the best they could. The three girls thought they'd always be together, at least through college. They never even bothered to imagine what it would be like not to live in the same place. One day, S's father drove drunk and crashed into a city councilman's car. He ended up going to jail. Having been the breadwinner for the family, his inability to earn money sent S and her mother on a downward spiral. S was 16 by the time they lived in the 3rd homeless shelter. She was miserable and it showed in her behavior. Because her living arrangements had become so unreliable and nomadic, she became increasingly disconnected from W and Y. S did manage to barely graduate high school, but the dream of college - sharing a dorm room in some beachy town, studying late at coffee shops, meeting cute boys and staying out too late - became a ridiculous joke, something too painful to consider. Y and W followed through on their dreams, and tried to keep in touch with S. Last they heard, she was living with a rock drummer twice her age in Holllywood. Apparently he had a serious drinking problem.