The Three Frogs

Three frogs sat on the bank of a river. The first frog was watching for flies, her name was Lily. The second frog was watching for flies, his name was Lotus. The third frog was looking at the mud, her name was Slimey. For a very long time Lily and Lotus were sitting very still and patiently waiting for flies. Slimey wasn't so patient. She kept wanting to move around to try and find new patches of mud to look at. Every time she moved, the other two frogs would scold her. "Stop moving! You are scaring all the flies away!" Slimey liked the other frogs so she tried to stay still. However, before too long she couldn't take it anymore. With a great big ribbit she jumped as high and far as she could. When she jumped, all the flies that had been sitting quietly all around the mud got scared. They flew up into the air to get away. Lily and Lotus saw this and started catching them as fast as they could. They realized that they were too hard in one place to find flies. From that day forward, they never tried to make Slimey sit still again.