French Fries

BEFORE Frank was tired. It had been a long day and all he wanted to do was sit back, put his feet up and watch the game. He looked over at the passenger seat and smelled the greasy french fries. He hated french fries. The last time he had a craving for french fries was... he shuddered and push the though out of his mind. Still, it was strange how he found himself driving down route 22. He never took that way home anymore. He didn't even remember picking up the order at the drive thru window. He rubbed his temples and squeezed his eyes closed. The game started 15 minutes ago, why was he still in the car? The smell of the fries was making him nauseous. He opened his eyes and put his had on the car door. And that's when he saw the light appear at the end of the driveway. He grabbed the fries without thinking and slowly got out of the car and walked down to the edge of the driveway. AFTER "Not again" he sighed