The Delivery.

It was a big burrito. He chose it exclusively for it's size. But he didn't consider how he'd ever lug the thing home. A car just wouldn't do the job. Maybe a train? But that would require all sorts of infrastructure that didn't exist on his street- tacks, metals, woods. Maybe a horse-drawn carriage? That seemed so outdated though. No... Tom was in a pickle. How would he ever get his beloved burrito home when the monolith weighed 5 tons and required its own building? Oh! Suddenly, it came to him in a bright flash of white light: HELICOPTER. He could have the thing airlifted back to his house! What a perfect solution! The helicopter was the cheapest, fasted option. (Not to mention it was "green.") It was perfect. So Tom got on the phone, called the nearest air-traffic control station and arranged for his beloved burrito to be delivered at midnight on Tuesday. It had to be in the middle of the night because helicopters are actually quite busy during the day. So at midnight on Tuesday, it came. Shining its bright light on the entire neighborhood. And Tom stood in his driveway directing the delivery, orchestrating the drop-off. The neighbors were there too. All of them came out in droves to support, to cheer, to laugh and cry and proclaim Tom: king of burrito delivery.