Abduction lesson

Gerry had questioned the life beyond his own, wondering if we were being observed by some extraterrestrial life in the galaxy. He made this known to all he encountered, frequently seen chanting absurd statements in the neighborhood. The children living alongside Gerry's house always thought Gerry was just a weird crazy lunatic that lost his mind but they also felt sorry for how his actions isolated him from everyone. That night the children were playing in their backyard shooting laser beams at each other. At the same moment Gerry was returning from his nightly ranting. A spotlight immediately zoomed in on Gerry as the children ran into their house frantically screaming for help! Unbeknownst to Gerry the children's laser beams blinded the pilot of a passenger plan and they had notified the local police who helicoptered in to uncover the culprits. In that moment the children felt relieved for Gerry to finally feel his rankings were accurate as they could hear Gerry scream,"They're here! I'm ready!"