500 Days of Summer



My favorite film is 500 Days of Summer directed by Marc Webb. I absolutely love this film due to its very unique style. The movie takes place in 2008, yet the characters are dressed in a more outdated fashion. They are not wearing the current trends, the music they are listening too is older music, and it has a very mellow tone. What I felt was really unique, was how the story went out of order, it was not a chronological time period and this was shown by a drawing of what day it was. If it was a bad day, the picture was grey, dark, and gloomy. If it was a good day the shot was really happy with yellow colors and orange suns. What also was unique was when one of the main characters was feeling really lost and alone, there was a scene where the character was drawn as a cartoon, and again, the drawing was only done in black and white. It really captured the feeling of the scene. The image I chose to show was a part of the movie I LOVED, which was the Expectation vs. Reality scene. The main character goes to a party and the screen splits in two, which I felt was brilliant, since everyone can relate to having what you expect to happen in a situation, be completely the opposite. The whole party scene is done with the split screen and two different scenarios occurring at the same time. The actors seemed so down to earth; they seemed like people you could completely relate too. They acted just as normal people would. I feel like I loved this movie, not only because of it’s style but because how realistic and relatable it was.