Feeling Chicken

I was having a terrible morning! I woke up at the crack of dawn to go take care of my chickens. I move the coop around the yard each morning so they have fresh grass and fresh bugs to eat every day. That morning I moved the coop and a wall fell off! While I was deciding what to do about it, I heard a disastrous noise. One of my "teenage" chickens said "cock-a-doodle-do". My neighbors aren't going to be happy and my town doesn't allow roosters. While I am thinking about all of this I let them out to run around while I fix the wall and one of them is bleeding! As all this is sinking in I check my buzzing phone and see that my colleague is going to be late to work so I have to go in to start the day! I rush inside, throw cloths on my daughter to bring her to school and jump in the car. I am in a terrible mood. I put my Atom and His Package CD into the player and like magic my mood lightens! The silly, joyful quality of this band always makes me feel better. Thanks Atom!