VNDN- Sound No. 46 (Eesha Thaker)

I feel that it is only instrumental- and truly instrumental music that can dip within and seek my true inner feelings. As said in Emily Dickinson's "Hope is the thing with Feathers," "and sings the tune without the words," she said, meaning that only instrumental music carries true meaning, in her perspective- and mine. I can relate to classical music the most, and in the most significant perspective because I play violin myself, and I do really enjoy the music I both hear and play. Hence this statement, it wasn't when I had been spectating that music truly changed my emotions but when I had been playing myself. I have come to realize now that it may not have been the music I had played but the person who was spectating me that had given me such intimidation that I could feel and see my legs furiously shaking of anxiety. Mr.Goldberg, my music instructor today was the one who had given me the fear that had caused my entire body to tremble. It wasn't his character though that intimidated me. When I had first played for him "so he could get a sense of my level," he'd said I had played a mellow piece, in a minor key, which perfectly portrayed my feelings. It was something about his stern expression, and the music that matched right with it, that told me that the music career that I was about to overtake was truly serious.