Yellow Shoebox from the 70's

One Thanksgiving, a woman's daughter complained to her about a guy in her class who keeps sending her odd, worshipful text messages. The Woman said 'I'll be right back.' She came back with a small, yellow shoebox from the 70's, with a thick coating of dust on the lid, which she removed with a clean sweep of her shirtsleeve. She shared with her daughter the crazy, old letters she received from some stalker kid in her class who was madly in love with her. From the badly-written poems to the Polaroid 'selfies' he sent of himself, it was great fun for them looking through these strange obsessive letters, as silly as it may have been. Her daughter couldn't believe how much he sounded like the kid in her class. She told her daughter to embrace it. The Woman could have gotten rid of them- tossed them in the trash immediately. But she didn't, for she felt endeared to them because these letters, for her, represented the enthusiasm, awkwardness and innocence of being young. She smiled, sighed, then put the small, yellow shoebox from the 70's back underneath her bed.