VNDN- Mood No. 52 (Eesha Thaker)

The time period upon this photograph being taking is evidently about twenty years ago, which can be seen through the elements of style of which the characters design their residencies, clothing, and appearances. The girl shown in the image is portraying her disgrace toward the boy, and is most likely feeling an emotion of sheer pride and disgust, which can be seen through the intention of the photographer, which has shown her body to appear in color, and to be noticed clearly. The boy, on the other hand is most likely approaching the girl with an intention of love. He is hoping to appear as admirable and attractive to the girl, only to hear her refusal to him, with disgust. In the events coming in the future of the image, it is possible that the girl turns her heel at the boy, walking away, her chin still raised, and the boy is left standing in his former position, grieving over his loss.