5 Things That Showed That Horton Was Having Trouble

Nicholas Papapanou ELA 12/15/14 Period 5-6 In this video clip, there are many signs that Horton was having trouble crossing the bridge. These include... 1. The point of view. There is an overhead shot that shows how deep the pit is under the bridge. This brings fear to Horton and makes him nervous. 2. The sound effects. The constant creaking and rattling of the bridge really shows how un-sturdy it is. This really shows the struggle and danger of crossing the bridge. 3. The dialogue that Horton was having with himself. As he was trying to go across the bridge, Horton kept on talking to himself. This shows that he was nervous and that he was trying to persuade himself that he can do it. 4. The background music. As Horton was testing the sturdiness of the bridge, there was a somewhat happy tone of music. But as Horton was crossing the bridge, there was scarier and spookier music. This contributes to the mood of the events. 5. The concluding image. At the end of the clip, it shows how much Horton has progressed on the bridge. Even though it seems like he has done a lot, this image shows that he actually has a LONG way to go. This image shows the reality of his situation.