Frances ♡ S.

I did the VNDN number 63 (mood). The elephant is feeling nervous and having trouble in this short video. Here are five pieces of evidence to show this…. 1.The long bridge he must cross makes the elephant seem so small, even though he’s really a big elephant. 2.When the bridge is introduced, scary/suspenseful music is played, and it stops when you see the elephant at the end. 3.The elephant talks to himself nervously. He says, “It’s just a straight plummet to certain death,” He also says quietly that the bridge must be safe, as if trying to reassure himself. 4.Whenever the elephant steps on the bridge, a dreadful creaking sound erupts. He walks slow, big steps. 5.The bridge is swaying and unstable. It rocks back and forth a lot, and the elephant stops and pants loudly after it does. These five pieces of evidence show that the elephant is in a nervous and uncomfortable mood.