5 Things That Showed Horton Was Having Trouble

Taylor Lee * 12/16/14 * ELA * Period 5-6* 1. The shot type of the deep pit. Horton believes that this will lead to death 2. The sound effects of the bridge creaking. The bridge is really shaky and unsteady. 3. Horton is slightly too heavy, but he mumbles to himself, “Surely they knew elephants would be crossing this bridge.” 4. When Horton steps onto the bridge, he almost falls down. The bridge shakes beneath him. 5. The last image that we are left with is a wide shot of the whole bridge and where Horton is. From a view of mainly just Horton, it feels as though he has made a lot of progress. But, with the last wide shot we are left with, you can tell that Horton hasn’t made much progress and he still has a lot more of the bridge to cross.