No.63 The 5 things that made me think about the story most were, the sounds, movement, words , images and emotion. This film is about a elephant who is very large and has to cross a big shaky bridge. When he gets on he is confident but very scared. I was able to tell by his EMOTION and I can also tell by his movement and words. The sound effects really make you look at the story at his perspective which is also the image. The sound effect really adds a dramatic mood to the scene where the elephant looks at the bridge. When he steps on the bridge he falls. Suddenly, he starts crawling as his fear gets stronger……… If I were able to finish this story I would say, after the elephant falls, a little hippo comes and starts jumping on the bridge which causes the elephant to slip back and hang on nothing but his big fat trunk. As he struggles to get up he takes off full blast and comes across a missing step. As he jumps, he realizes that he is only at the front of the bridge.