VNDN- Mood No. 63 (Eesha Thaker)

Within the excerpt of the film "Horton Hears a Who," the elephant; Horton is portrayed within the movie so that he appears to be having trouble crossing a bridge. This is true because he is shown constantly reassuring himself of the false statement that the bridge that beholds his fate is sturdy, as he says, "obviously when they build a bridge like this, they take into account that elephants will be crossing." He is trying to rid himself of the inner fear that he has within himself, that is warning him not to cross the bridge, and that it is NOT sturdy enough to hold his weight. At the beginning of the film, a shot of perspective is shown, which is made with the intention from the elephant's point of view. The shot is shown from the end of the bridge to the beginning; from where the elephant strives to be from where he is, with a frightening tone in the musical sound effects added, to show that the elephant fears and realizes what he is about to overcome. The elephant hears the constant creaking of the bridge, even when he's not crossing it, and he stares down into the depth of the canyon below, stating his fear. "It's just a straight format to certain death," he fearfully speaks. The elephant is also testing the bridge to reassure himself that it is sturdy, (which he realizes it is not) and to delay his fate of crossing this bridge. The elephant looks across the bridge as he is testing it with bulging eyes, to show his horror of this bridge and the pit that lay below. Finally, the elephant is shown carefully crossing the bridge, ever so slowly, with many stumbles in between. It also portrays his panting breaths of anxiety, his realization that his life line lays between the two sides of this bridge.