Horton is in trouble!

The way the scene begins with a shot of the other side of the bridge moving backwards to where Horton is standing, as the background music gets faster and louder, gives the viewer an idea of how difficult it will be for our friend to cross this swinging bridge. This is followed by a shot of the abyss and Horton’s confirmation that a fall will be lethal. As the background music changes to a playful mood, Horton checks the wobbly posts holding the bridge, as he takes the first step, the music abruptly stops, the expression on his face changes, and the sound of his breathing gets louder…this is serious. Horton is no longer sure about whether he will be able to make it to the other side. The last shot of the bridge from far away, barely supporting Horton’s weight, tells the viewer that Horton is in serious trouble, but he is committed now, there is no turning back!