Creative Balloon

First Sequence: The balloon has spotted the boy from afar, noticing that he is carrying a heavy bag with a very warm turtleneck. This balloon wants to offer him support and help, as he knows the boy's current struggles in life. As the boy notices this balloon following him, he decides to stop and hide behind the wall, as the balloon stops to respect his space. Understanding that the balloon is just looking out for the boy, the boy walks proudly through the streets with the balloon following him. Sequence 2 - The boy does not know he has a red balloon following him, as he is just trying to get back to his house. Fearful and kind of shocked by this item, he stops behind the wall and notices the balloon stops as well. Quickly, he runs into his home, about 2 blocks away, as the balloon rises up to the floor where the boy lives on. How does the balloon know that? One may never know.