Being young

*Tap, tap, tap, tap* The little boy opens one of his eyes from the comfort of his bed and sees nothing, so, he goes back to sleep. *Tap, tap, tap* The little boy opens his eyes once more and sees a little red balloon floating by his window. He lives very high up in one of the apartment buildings and is wondering how this little balloon got so high. He gets out of his bed and heads over to the window to get the balloon. As he opens the window a big gust of wind comes and the balloon gets blown away and is headed down to the street. The little boy puts on his shoes and run downstairs to try and catch the balloon. He follows it around many street corners and down alleyways. Every time he is about to grab it, the balloon blows away. Finally the little boy sees that he has ended up in front of his father’s office. He decides to go inside and pick up his father’s briefcase thinking that if his father can’t find his briefcase then he would have to come home and spend some time with him and his mother. The little boy picks up the briefcase and walks back home to his apartment, and as the little boy walks home the little red balloon follows. Reverse the 1st and 3rd image. I am walking home from work today and all of a sudden I see a large shadow looming over me. I turn around expecting to see a horrible site, but I am greeted by a little red balloon. “Hello friend,” I say as I smile at the balloon. I start to skip down the street and the balloon follows. Faster than slower. Walking in a zig zag motion or spinning in circles. Where ever I go the balloon follows. I have an idea and I quickly sprint down the street and around the corner thinking I lost the balloon. I peek around there cornere and there’s the little red balloon never far from my sight. I think to myself as I enter my apartment how good it is to feel young. The old man crawls gently into his bed and sees the balloon outside his window. A smile is on his face as a tear rolls down his cheek. The balloon following him home made him feel like a child once more. Imagination and wonder is in all of us, but only if we allow it to shine through. Sometimes all it takes is a little red balloon.