Red Balloon

First Sequence: A poor little boy, living on the top floor of a grungy apartment building in the city, is looking out the window bored. Wishing, praying, that something exciting will happen. Something that will give him an excuse to go outside and play, something to keep him occupied. There are no parks around so most times it is his imagination that does the trick. After what seems like hours the boy glimpses a flash of fire engine red. He sticks his head out the window and sees a balloon deflating, falling down the side of the building. He yells to his mother, whom was too busy taking her daily three-hour nap, that he is going outside and will be back in just a second. He runs down the steps three at a time, and rounds the corner hoping the balloon is still there. When seeing the balloon, the boy catches a glimpse of a mysterious grey bag. What could be in that bag? Money? Tools? Food? The boy pushes the balloon aside and takes the bag back to the apartment. Second Sequence: A young boy named Joe is returning home from school when he hears the swish or something behind him. He turns and nothing is there, yet he still hears something swishing. He starts to quicken his pace and rounds the corner and stops, hoping to catch a glimpse of what is following him. He notices it’s a red balloon! But that’s odd, why would a balloon be following him? The boy quickly peaks around the corner again and sees that the balloon is stopped, almost waiting for him. He starts to think what could be causing this. He whispers, “Mark? Is that you?” At that moment the balloon comes closer to him and waits. ‘It must be my friend Mark,’ The boy smiles and laughs. Mark will sometimes play with Joe in his room, yet the boy’s mother cannot see Mark, and will yell at the Joe stating, “Joe, you are creeping me out! Who are you talking to? There is no one here!” Mark laughs, how can mom not see him he’s sitting right there! Joe tells Mark that it’s time to go home. Mark sits on window sill on the side of the building holding the red balloon. Only, nobody can see him but Joe…