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Background for both stories: There was a magic red balloon that had the ability to be part of one person’s life. It was there for fun times, for sad, for play and for work. It’s only rule, was that it was not allowed inside. It represents the creativity of the mind. It gave a person the ability to step outside their current situation, and allow outside influence to help inspire the individual. This balloon does not yet have someone in its life. It is searching window by window for someone to inspire. A young boy spots the balloon around a corner, interested by what it is. It appears to be waiting for something. The boy has yet to have a balloon to follow and inspire him, so he approaches it slowly and after a short conversation, the balloon has found its match, and began to follow the child to school. A child has his balloon following him to school. However the boy is not pleased with this balloon, and would like it to leave and find someone else. The child makes a quick movement and appears to have lost the balloon in the process, leaving the balloon lost. This has happened to the red balloon before, and it knows that its time with the boy is up. It flied high in attempt to find another individual to become part of its life.