Katie Schultz

Mr Pig: Hello there. I guess I was expecting you. Officer: Don’t be stupid! Of course you were expecting me. You invited me. Mr Pig: Sorry I forgot. Who do you think will win? The Dragon or the planes? Officer: I know, but I don’t want to tell you. It will spoil the ending. Mr. Pig: Ok. I suppose you’re right. Officer: Man! I absolutely hate it when kids are let into the movies without supervision. They always act out and there’s nobody here to control they’re behavior. Maybe you should throw some of your popcorn at them. Mr. Pig: HeHeHeHeHeHeHe. Officer: Stop laughing! I’m serious! Officer: I hate to tell you, but this movie has a terrible ending. Mr. Pig: How can it be!? So far it’s amazing! Officer: My cousin works for the union and got a pre-release copy. We watched it last weekend. Trust me. Mr. Pig: It was probably difficult to watch if you were talking as much as you are now. Officer: Stop hogging all the popcorn! And yes, the pun WAS intended! Mr. Pig: This is the last time I invite you to the movies.