Mr. Bacon & Mr. Suits Design the Line

Mr. Bacon: There you are, now we can finally talk. Mr. Suits: Talk?! You're supposed to be quiet during a movie. Mr. Bacon: We need to address our new clothing line. Mr. Suits: Here? Now? Mr. Bacon: Yes. Mr. Suits: How can we talk about our new fashion designs in the movie theater? I hope the trench-coat and hat you are wearing now are not part of the new line. You look ridiculous. It was a mistake to meet you here for this. Mr. Bacon: haha hehe haha Mr. Suits: Now you're laughing. Oh no, don't tell me your outfit is part of the new line. Mr. Bacon: Yes it will be the star of the show. Soon everyone will be wearing it. Mr. Suits: You have lost your mind. No one will buy this. We will be the laughing stock of the show. Mr. Bacon: You have little faith in me. I promise, this will work. Mr. Suits: Enough of this. Now share your popcorn with me. It's the least you can do for dragging me down here to listen to this nonsense. Mr. Bacon: Take all you want, but this will work. You will see.