Montague's Rat - Stephanie Hopkins

[Detective Romeo is a dirty cop who is finding out information for Montague’s Gang. After receiving a call from Montague, Detective Romeo is meeting him at the movies.] Montague: I infiltrated the system, and changed the name of the rat in Capulet’s file. That should take him off your back for a while. Detective Romeo: Stupid! Why would you do that? I told you the chief was getting suspicious of me. Now my name is missing from a file. Montague: I can’t have my rat in the police force being caught. This benefits both you and me. Detective Romeo: Maybe it is time that I got caught. I can’t keep doing this anymore. Montague: Why would you say that? Detective Romeo: I can’t live this double life anymore. My wife believes that I am making this world better for our unborn child. If she knew I was helping the Montagues’ Gang, she would see me as a monster. Montague: {Chuckles} Detective Romeo: What you think I am being dramatic? She would never talk to me again. Montague: Since when do you let a woman get between us? Detective Romeo: Since I found out that I am going to be a father. Besides she’s not a woman, she’s my wife. Montague: Wives come and go. She’s replaceable. Detective Romeo: {grabs popcorn} That’s how you see it. I love Juliet, and now we are going to be a family. I have a real shot of having a normal life. Montague: Our lives can never be normal. Not with you being a rat.