Murder Matinee

Detective: No one will think to look for you here. Commander: What a stupid idea, meeting in a theater. Detective: For once in your life, show some respect for your elders. Commander: I have blood on my hands, and all you want to do is watch a children’s film. Detective: Go on. What has changed? Commander: They want to bring me in for questioning. Detective: Ha ha ha. That’s because you weren’t smart. And now they suspect you. Commander: I don’t need an “I told you so.” I need your help. Detective: What you need is to get out of town while you still can. Commander: Out of town? But where do I go? I only know these streets. Detective: I have an uncle in the mountains. You can stay with him until things calm down. Commander: Give me those! …I can’t believe I was so careless. Detective: We all make mistakes, son.