Watch out for the Butcher

Mr. Schwein: Where have you been? Colonel: I snuck in the back door. If I'm found out, I'm a dead man. Mr. Schwein: Never mind that, what do you have on the Butcher? Colonel: First, catch me up on the movie? It looks good! Mr. Schwein: Are you crazy? My life is in danger and you want me to catch you up on yet another Disney movie! Colonel: Alright, alright. Did you happen to get any popcorn, I'm starving? Mr. Schwein: Really? Do you realize it is BBQ season and pork is the new white meat? That Butcher is dying to serve me up to his customers. Colonel: Don't panic, you know how these health trends go. You'll be unhealthy again before you know it. Mr. Schwein: Ha, ha, ha right you are. I still want the dirt on that nasty Butcher. Colonel: Well, I stopped in just yesterday and he had the nerve to say his sausages are made of prime meat! That's bullocks! Mr. Schwein: Ha, ha, ha! Your a real Schwein yourself Colonel!