The benefit of cartoons

Pig: How do you like the movie? Soldier: It’s stupid! I hate cartoons! Pig: I think it’s funny, look he can’t catch the planes. Soldier: No it’s a dumb cartoon and its not good for children to watch movies about such silly things like dragons. Its puts thoughts in their heads. Pig: Maybe those thoughts are a good thing. Maybe the children need those thoughts. Soldier: Children need structure and rules. They need to be in school learning math and reading, not watching silly movies that teach them nothing about the world. Pig: Laughs Soldier: What are you laughing about? Children need to know things about the world. real things that matter! Pig: Maybe they’re learning more than you think. Soldier: What could they possibly be learning! How to make beat a dragon in battle or make a pig fly through the air? This is an absolute waste of everyone’s time. Pig: Just be quiet and watch the movie. You might like it. Soldier: Give me that! (takes popcorn) I'm hungry and I have to sit here and watch this ridiculous children’s movie with you. Pig: You don’t have to learn something for it to be beneficial.