They'll Never Know

Porkington: You're late. The movie already started. Where have you been? Mr. Smith: What a stupid question. I was putting together this half-brained costume scheme of yours. P: Well, no one will recognize us, right? Mr. S: Oh sure. A detective and a commanding discrete. P: Did you have any better ideas? Mr. S: I told you we never should have come here. If the guys down at the yard find out that we like these kids' movies, they'll never let us live it down. P: Ha ha ha! Mr. S: Why are you laughing?! Our entire reputation is at stake! P: Did you see the way that airplane was just spinning through the air? Hilarious! Mr. S: Yeah, that was pretty great. But I stand by my point-- P: The animation is just incredible. Mr. S: Give me that popcorn! I don't know why I bother trying to reason with you. Next time I choose the costumes. P: Next time I'm bringing the cow with me instead.