Mr. Pig and Mr. Smith

Mr. Pig- Good afternoon. Would you like some popcorn? Mr. Smith- Good afternoon. No thank you, sorry I’m late. Did I miss anything important in the movie? Mr. Pig- No, these are just the previews for the movie. This is some children’s movie about a talking snake. Mr. Smith- It looks like a dumb movie. Why would someone waste their afternoon watching a movie like this when they could take their kids to the park to play? Mr. Pig- It’s the sequel to the original movie. Maybe some people are curious about what happens next? Mr. Smith- No way am I going to see it, nor am I taking my kids to go see it. I have too much work to do and there’s no way I am spending my entire afternoon watching this movie. It will have my kids brainwashed about talking animals who an fly airplanes. Mr. Pig giggles Mr. Smith- What’s funny? Would you allow your children to watch such nonsense like this mouse flying an airplane? Mr. Pig- No, my kids would rather run around in the pen chasing each other. Mr. Smith- What about playing with their iPhones or iPads? Mr. Pig- Oh they aren’t allowed to use those until after they play for at least one hour outside. Mr. Smith- Yeah right. That would never work in my house. My children are way too consumed with their electronics. This looks like a dumb movie. There is no way I will take the kids to see it. Mr. Pig- I agree. I want to get more popcorn before the movie starts.