Odd man out

Cris P. Bacon: Hello Captain, long time no see. How can I help you? Charlie: I need you to find some information for me regarding a new lieutenant. Cris P. Bacon: What do you need to know? Charlie: I want to know if he's one of us. His actions suggest otherwise. I dont trust him. Cris P. Bacon: you think he’s working for someone on the outside? Charlie: I’m not sure, but if he is I want him off my team. I have worked too hard to keep my rank and I dont need this new guy to come in and ruin what I have done. Cris P. Bacon: *laughs in response* Charlie: Do you think this is funny? Cris P. Bacon: you have made it to where you are by breaking the law and making deals with criminals. I will see what I can find on this new threat of yours, but I need my payment upfront. Charlie: I will give you half now and half when you give me information that I can use. Cris P. Bacon: I want it all upfront, and you can be assured that I will find what you need. Charlie: Fine! Get it done or ill send you back to cell block B and you will be watching children’s movies from behind bars. Cris P. Bacon: Dont threaten me Captain, I have done my time.