Presidents and Cats

Officer Jacob Mitchell: You know the President has been looking for you. You have a meeting with him now. Mr. Pig: *continues to eat peanuts and watch movie* Officer Jacob Mitchell: So you're just going to sit here and ignore the most important man in the country? I don't know why he likes you so much. He should have given me the job as Chief of Security. You know this is the dumbest place to hide right? If I could find you, the Secret Service will eventually find you too. Mr. Pig: *continues to eat peanuts* Officer Jacob Mitchell: Are you just going to sit there all night and ignore me? Why don't you just go to the meeting? Mr. Pig: Actually I do plan to sit here all night *scratches face* I ran over the President's cat with your car. He wants me to find the murderer. Officer Jacob Mitchell: *takes peanuts* If I get fired I'm going to run you over with my car.