Pointless Bickering

Pig: Good movie right? It’s so different than the others that are out right now. Man: Shut up you fool, this movie is terrible. Pig: You’re always so judgmental Man: You never know a good movie when you see one. Look at this ridiculous dragon. Pig: You’re an idiot. Man: You think you can critic any movie we see. You think because you have that outfit on and that slick hat you know everything. Well let me tell you something, you don’t know a thing. This movie is garbage. Pig: **Laughing** Man: Stop laughing I am being serious! Man: I hope that plane crashes and the movie is over already. Pig: Relax and just enjoy the film will ya? Man: How stupid can you be?! This movie doesn’t even make sense! Pig: Well I’m enjoying it… Man: Whatever, at least the popcorn in this place is decent Pig: Remind me to never see a movie with you again. - Angelica Barbosa