The Spy Pig

Pig: Good afternoon General. This movie is scary. Hope you don't get too scared. General: Looks like a stupid move. Nothing scares me! Pig:So, I hope you're not too upset that I lost track of Mr. X. General: Keep following him and see where he goes. I pay you well - you shouldn't be making any mistakes. Pig: So what did this guy do? General: It's confidential. Just keep tabs on him for the next couple of days. I'll be in touch with more directions. But don't lose him again or I'll have to find someone else to complete the job. Don't get distracted again. Pig; (laughing at movie) General: You need to take your job more seriously, then mistakes won't happen. Pig: You are way too serious General. Enjoy the movie. General: (takes popcorn) Maybe I should hire someone else. You are supposed to be the best. Prove it. Pig: Don't worry. I will have something to report next time we meet.