The Meeting

Pig Man: It’s about time you found me. Steve: Why did you pick this ridiculous movie? Pig Man: Because I knew it would make you mad. Steve: You are such a pain. I hope you know that. Pig Man: You need to lighten up. Steve: Do you realize that this is a children’s movie. How do you expect me to talk business in a setting like this with all of these children around? Pig Man: (Evil laugh) Steve: Is this a joke to you?! I don’t see anything funny about this. We have to discuss the kidnapping. Pig Man: Calm down and get on with it then. Did you get him? Steve: Yes, I have captured the man that we were after. He is handcuffed in the trunk of the car as we speak. Pig Man: Good work. I will get you your money, just keep your mouth shut. Steve: You better… Now what am I suppose to do with him? I still cannot believe that you talked me into this. We better not get caught or I will be a dead man. Pig Man: Don’t worry about it, I will handle him from here.