Sheisty Movie Deals

Pig: Glad that you could finally join me. Man: Is this really the best, most discreet place you could find for a deal such as this? Pig: Who in their right mind is really going to watch a movie about snakes eating planes? This has been the best place yet and you know it. Man: If you haven't noticed, there are other people in the room. Pig: That's besides the point. Man: Anyway, do you have the goods? I need the pig transformative technology as soon as possible. Pig: (laughs) Man: What could you possibly be laughing at?! Pig: YOU need it? I'm the one who's a pig and here you are talking about what you need. Man: Do not disrespect a decorated war veteran. It's unbecoming of you. Pig: Your position would be stripped from you if they knew what you were up to. Man: (grabbing popcorn) Don't you dare say that. I do this for my country. Pig: That's what they all say.