Living Gummy Bears!

Once upon a time, people went on a journey to go to a zoo. Then, the people saw two glasses of water bounce. Next, they looked in the bushes and saw the bushes move. And then something came out! Living Gummy Bears came out! The people saw the gummy bears and screamed in terror and then they crossed the speed limit! The gummy bears were water proof and chased after the people and broke the speed limit too! And the gummy bears caught up to them and were right next to the boys window but luckily his window was closed. But then the boy did something to the gummy bear - he opened the window, and the gummy bear stuck his arm through the open window. Then, the boy quickly flicked the switch for the window and the gummy bears arm got sliced off! And then, the rest of the gummy bears were scared, so they ran off back to their homes and they were safe and got to the zoo. The End. Ava G. Age 8