Mrs. Gottfried's Creative Stories

DARK BLUE One hot summer day, there was a robot named Corky. He went to his mom and said, "Hey mom, can I go kayaking?" and because the mom was nice, she said "Of course, but after lunch." So he did. And then, after he hopped into his kayak, and started going as fast as he could. Suddenly, he felt himself going in a downward motion. he looked down, and there was a big hole in his boat!!! He fell out of the boat. HELP!" he cried. he decided to call his friend. "Bring a rope to robot lake," he said. Then, he opened a compartment in himself, and pulled out a raft. then, he blew it up. Finally, his friend arrived. He hooked the rope onto the raft, and pulled Corky to shore. "Thanks," said Corky. "I couldn't have done this without you." THE END *Three students developed this story. RED There was a comedian whose name was Gerald. He has been a comedian for 400 years. Gerald has a power of speed. Gerald also loves playing basketball. Once, he broke his leg running too fast. When he broke his leg he was in a wheelchair and he couldn't play any sports. When he felt better, he could play sports again, and he lived happily ever after. *7 students worked on this story. GREEN There once was a big robot named B.O.B he created by a scientist named Macklemore. B.O.B was very jolly despite that his creator wasn't . Everyone was scared of B.O.B when he walked in the neighborhood. B.O.B wanted to be liked so he went to his creator. When he got to the lab he realized that Macklemore wasn't there! He went further and saw Santa Claus! B.O.B was so scared of Santa he runs away, but soon Santa says he can help so B.O.B turns into Santa B.O.B, and no one was ever scared of B.O.B again. The end. *3 students worked on this story. LIGHT BLUE Bobby James was sad and an orphan who found a family in Batville who loved him. One day while he was walking in the park, he saw something interesting so he ran away to see it. He fell into a garbage dump! He found a dog having babies and helped the dog out. It's a miracle! Bobby James was an orphan no longer and he lived happily ever after! *8 people developed this story.