Alfred is a spunky, active, red robot who worked at the local golf practice range. His job was to drive the golf cart, which sucked up the balls all over the field, every morning before all the golfers came. One morning, a teenage kid was practicing his golf swing and started hitting a bucket of balls. Alfred shut down his golf cart and hollered over to the boy, "Hey, you have to wait until I am off the field!" The boy either ignored or did not hear Alfred, so he kept on swinging. Finally, Alfred stopped the golf cart and started walking over to the boy. Suddenly, the boy whipped a ball toward Alfred. The boy shouted to Alfred, "Look out!" and the ball knocked Alfred down to the ground. The boy ran over to Alfred with his club. Alfred got up abruptly, shook his head and grabbed the club out of the boy's hand. The boy looked frightened because he thought Alfred was going to hit him with the club. Instead, Alfred clipped the club to his head and said to the boy, "Next time - read the sign and pay attention to what's happening in the field!" With that, Alfred stormed away from the boy and got back into his golf cart and continued to do his job.