Ghost Town



It was a dark and cold morning before sunrise in October. I had woken up at 4:00am to work the 5:00am shift. I was driving to work, half asleep wondering why I took this job to begin with. I was stopped at a red light. There was no one around, not a soul. I looked around wondering if I was the only one awake. Everyone was sleeping. It was just me and my thoughts in my car. All of a sudden, in my rear view mirror, I see a tall figure with a black cape on walking, more like floating, behind my car. I closed my eyes hard, my heart beating out of my chest. When I opened my eyes and looked in my mirror again, there was nothing there. Not a soul. No sounds other than my heart racing, my blood running free. The light changed green and I hit the gas pedal. Was that a ghost? Did I imagine that? Was I THAT tired? I don't know what the real answer is. But, I believe that I saw a ghost that morning.