A Sign from Dad



My mom had lost her gold wedding ring many years ago and two weeks after my father passed away I brought her to the hairdresser. During the ride there, my mom told me about all the strange dreams she was having about my dad and we were trying to figure out what they meant. The night before, I went to party where they had a medium who got in touch with people who were deceased. The medium met with each one of us privately in my friend's kitchen. When it was my turn, the only thing I told her was that my father recently passed away. She said that my father wanted me to know that I would be finding something and to clean well. I thought that was odd. So while my mom was getting her hair done, I vacuumed her apartment. I took the hose out of the vacuum and went on the floor between my mom's bed and her dresser and lifted up the comforter. When I looked under the bed I saw something yellow near the wall. I stretched to grab it with my hand and I realized it was a ring - the same wedding ring my mother had lost years ago! I could not believe it nor could my mom when I handed her the ring and told her the story. It was an incredible, touching moment that I will never forget.