Always Listen to Your Parents

When I was about 8 years old I would consider myself to be defiant, to say the least. For some reason that was the age I felt I needed to prove that I was "grown" when I was clearly not. I had to prove to anyone and everyone that I could do whatever I wanted, especially to my friends. One day my little defiant self was taught a lesson on listening to your parents. It was not in the slightest bit a fun lesson but it was one I remembered. There used to be this deli on a main road by my house. It was not that far but far enough that all the kids in my neighborhood were too lazy to walk to. One day my friend Karla came to my house and had told me she walked to the deli all by herself and got herself a sandwich. I thought that was the coolest thing in the world and at that moment I wanted to go on this "journey" all by myself. So, I went upstairs and asked my mom if I could go to the deli and of course she said no because we needed to go to my grandmothers house in half an hour. Being my persistent self I begged and begged but the answer was still no. My mom proceeded to get ready and was going into the shower when I thought I had the perfect idea. I was going to take my bike to the deli. It was going to be way faster than walking and I would be back before my mom got out of shower. I jumped on my bike and was so proud that I came up with such a brilliant plan. I was so happy riding to the deli until BAM I was hit my a car. It came out of a auto place that I was passing but for some reason neither of us saw eachother. I flew onto the road and the man instantly jumped out and picked me up. I just remember screaming my head off because I saw so much blood all over my legs arms. He ran inside with me and I continued screaming even though I was really realtivaley okay. The man in the auto office thankfully was my friend's father so he knew my moms number. The man called my mother and told her what had happened while my friend's father was cleaning my cuts. That's all that I really got from that accident. A few scrapes, bruises and a broken bike. My mom was not the happiest mom but she was thankful that my bike was the only thing really mangled. It turned out that the car hit the back end of my bike the hardest so it barely missed me. I learned my lesson that day, but it had to be one of the scariest moments of my life. Lets just say my idea wasn't as brilliant as I had thought. I ended up being grounded, no sandwich from the deli and no bike for at least a year after that.