The Mask



Six years ago, it was a rainy afternoon when my friend and I decided to go to the movies. My family was out for the day, and when my friend and I returned at night, my family had still not returned. We walked upstairs to my bedroom and my friend, who was in front of me, stopped at my doorway and just stared at the floor. When I caught up with her and saw what she was looking at, I couldn't help but scream. I had a porcelain venetian mask which I had bought on vacation one time and hung on the wall on the far side of my room. But that night when I returned from the movies, the mask was no longer hanging on the wall. It was lying on the floor near my doorway and staring up at us. Since no one in my family had been home, I couldn't attribute it to a prank by my brothers. There is also no way the mask could have possibly fallen off the wall on its own and rolled all the way across the room to its new location, as my mom tried to suggest later that night. To this day, this story still baffles and terrifies me.