Believe it or not!



Imagine a newborn baby who slowly grows, matures, and makes connections in life. As the child learns they begin to crawl, climb, and walk. Then there are those children who just do not hit those milestones either at the appropriate times.....or ever. Such children face tremendous difficulties daily as they work to move their bodies with full physical support. Next imagine how this child begins to take their first steps out of their wheelchair. They do it while in a full body brace and mechanical support, but they do it! As the years go by the child makes the dramatic shift from wheelchair to walker and finally to walking. With the support of orthotics and varying therapeutic supportive measures he walks. Each day in camp is a new try to keep walking as independently as possible without holding his counselors hands or mine. Sometimes he is tired, cranky, or just not interested in walking. Those times I train his counselors to just help him stand up and try again. A walk that can be 100 feet can take 15 minutes or more on those kinds of days. Imagine how wonderful it is when he holds on to a railing on his own and walks without support. On days when he simply holds his counselor's hand and walks the long pathway from our classroom to the dining is simply unbelievable! To see the growth of a child who has limited physical abilities grow from a wheelchair to walker to supportive walking to walking is just inspiring. To know that I have been an instrumental part of that process is much more than that.